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DIY Earrings Made with Shrink Plastic

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I have seen some wonderful handmade earrings and other jewelry and was inspired to make this project.

For this glitter and shrink plastic project you will need:

Draw or print the image for the background of your earring.

I used a Sharpie marker and then 


a metallic paint marker to color my background shrink plastic design for the earrings.

While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled and pressed the glitter onto the shape .


Cutting out the shapes was the next step.


The hole for the earrings needs to be three times bigger, as the hole will shrink in size when the shrink plastic is shrunk.  

I made three inter-connected punches for the earring hole loop.

When shrinking the shrink plastic it will curl and roll up, wait until the shapes are flat before removing them from the oven for the full shrunken effect.

I baked the shrink plastic shapes on 300' F until the shapes flattened. Watch the shapes as they shrink. As soon as the shapes flatten, remove the from the oven (I used a toaster oven).

After the shrink plastic cooled I applied two layers of Krylon Glitter Blast Sealer to avoid glitter flake off.

Make sure to spray the aerosol can outside or in a well-ventilated area (preferably with an air purifier on) as aerosol cans are very noxious and can cause breathing issues.

Next came the assembly of the earrings.

I took the big loop off of the silver charm by opening up the jump loop with the two small pliers then closing the loop back up. 

I then took a split ring and looped on the charm, the shrink plastic design,


and then added on the earring loop.


The last step was cinching the split ring together using the two small pliers.

Below are the textured glitter heart earrings I made.


Here are a set of butterfly earrings with a purple glittered shrink plastic oval accent.


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